How LinkedIn penalizes its users

The more I use LinkedIn, the more I'm baffled by the way that they deceptively encourage people to pay for their premium service. Case and point: today I was researching a freelance videographer. Here's his profile when I'm logged into my LinkedIn account:

Alt text

Uh oh! Apparently full profiles are only available to premium account holders. Let's check the same profile in an incognito window:

Alt text

Like magic, his entire profile is visible. What's happening here? Everyone without a LinkedIn account can view this users full profile. The only people who can't are LinkedIn userswho aren't paying them $24.99 a month. I'm being penalized for having an account (and tricked into thinking I need to pay for information that is a Google search away).

While its true that some people hide information from their public profile (making a premium account useful to some people), I think it's incredibly deceptive for LinkedIn to hide information that users have stated should be shown to everyone.