AvantLink Stats Chrome Extension

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AvantLink is an Affiliate Marketing network–think an intermediary between merchants who want to have an affiliate program and publishers who want to make money off of their content. If you need some more context about affiliate marketing, this video may provide some further clarification. As a long-time affiliate on the AvantLink network (i.e. somehow who makes affiliate commissions through merchants working with AvantLink), I've grown religious in checking my stats. Thanks to an Android app, I can see my daily commissions whenever I have 10 seconds to pull out my phone.

While AvantLink has made some cool tools for Firefox users, I primarily use Google Chrome, and there wasn't anything to allow me to get my stats fix while I was on my laptop (other than actually disrupting my workflow to login to the AvantLink site). I spend a night whipping up a Chrome extension and figured that since I got some good use out of it, I might as well improve it to the point that others can use it too.


Here's a basic rundown of what it does:

  • Your daily sales are overlaid on the extension icon
  • The daily sales icon-overlay updates every 15 minutes
  • You can view all the stats you can view with the AvantLink mobile app simply by clicking on the extension icon.


You can install the extension by visiting the following crazy URL: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/hkbnfcfgobgepemjabhnfkhnllnphodc

You'll need to enter your Affiliate ID and API Authorization Key to configure the extension, but both are stored securely on your local machine and are never logged externally. Also keep in mind the that AffiliateReport API module (which the extension uses) has a limit of 1000 calls per day. If you get a little click happy, you may find your access temporarily disabled (I've spent a while debugging the extension–read clicking many times–and haven't yet run into an issue).

If you find this useful, or have any feature requests, please let me know and I'll try and add them in a new release.